How fare thee today
bienvenue, to me to you
welcome evermore

Grammar be blasted
amongst prose or poetics
long as heart conveyed

Scripts on a page, scrawls
encoded or flat paper,
words, lines – grace beheld

Enough with five seven fives,
you’ve found my location,
the abode online of j l a i

I would say I enjoy
yes code, but literature, art
and much more

Wish I was better with all
art, the instrument,
whether pen with paper,
or keystroke on digital canvas,
Appreciate them all

Implements of the communique:
python, javascript, php, groovy, java, ruby
html, css, scss, shell/bash, scss
drupal, grails, rails, alfresco, json, react, jquery
linux, emacs, vim, git, gimp, inkscape
org(mode), markdown, textile
english along with words of
espanol, gong-dong-wa, and pu-tong-hua
gimp, inkscape, krita
oils, acrylics, paper, pen, ink
timely thought
generous creativity